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If you feel that you are a victim of stalking, or are concerned about the potential that you may become a victim of stalking, it is very important to maintain a current and accurate record of ALL contacts and behaviors that may be related to the crime.  Doing so will assist you and law enforcement in tracking and identifying the threat.  This information may help when applying for restraining orders, dealing with custody issues or pursuing criminal prosecution.  It can also help to preserve memories of the events in case you are later called upon to testify. 



You can download the stalking log below to assist you in your documentation, or you may create your own with similar categories.  Keep track of all phone calls, letters, e-mails, visits, acts of vandalism, or contacts through third parties. Attach a photograph of the stalker, photocopies of restraining orders, police reports, and other relevant documents.  When reporting incidents to law enforcement, record the officer's name, badge number and case number.



You should attempt to be as complete as possible in your record-keeping and avoid storing the record in a place that might be accessible to the stalker.  Tell only someone you trust where you keep your log.



Important note: Since this information could potentially be introduced as evidence or shared with the stalker at a future time, do not include any information that you do not want the stalker to see.



 Link to Stalking Incident Log